California Creative Center

     We want to explain ourselves: we are the nonprofit CaliforniaCreativeCenter, an organization created to combine the talents found in the technical ingenuity of Silicon Valley with the exceptional storytelling skills of Hollywood. Together they can develop educational media of all kinds that will improve the messaging, worldwide, about the real threat of climate change that threatens our very existence.
     California is in a unique position to lead the effort to better warn the world by constructing what we call the California Lighthouse to serve that purpose. It would contain cutting edge educational exhibits, as well as provide a dramatic location for announcements by all major environmental organizations with important news items to share.
     We will be collecting information from all sources that have related material that can further our cause to build the Lighthouse. We will credit the source wherever possible. We only want to do our part in the struggle ahead. It is not our intention to pick sides or favor any industry or political view. We only want to inform the public about the reality of climate change.
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